The Louisville Metro Police Foundation is proud to support the Louisville Metro Police Mounted Patrol Unit. You can help us in this endeavor by adopting a horse! Your donations will go to help feed the horses, provide additional training for their handlers as well as give the horses enhanced living quarters and riding stables.
For anyone who provides a $100 adoption, known as a "Taking the Reins” supporter, will receive a high gloss picture of the horse they adopted as well as a lapel pin that you can wear showing your support of the Louisville Police Mounted Patrol.
A $500 adoption, known as the "Horse Shoe” supporter, provides five high gloss pictures of the horses the donor has adopted as well as the lapel pin. The donor also receives an invitation to the yearly group tour of the stables as scheduled by the availability of the Louisville Metro Police Mounted Patrol.
A $1,000 "Saddle” supporter receives framed pictures of all horses assigned to the Louisville Metro Police Mounted Patrol, the lapel pin, a "private” tour of the stables.
Supporters over $1,000 a year is a "legacy” supporter, and are not only provide all the benefits of the other three levels of support, but also will have their named displayed on the sponsor board located at the Louisville Metro Police Mounted Patrol stables.
Help us help those men and women, and the horses, of the Louisville Metro Police Mounted Patrol who ride daily in an effort to make our city a safer place to live, work, play and visit…ADOPT A HORSE TODAY!

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