With its mission of helping the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) make Louisville a safer and more prosperous place to live, work and visit, the Police Foundation has devoted its resources to a wide range of projects that improve LMPD officers’ ability to fight crime and serve our community.

Examples of Police Foundation spending during our first four years of operation include:

  • We have created an LMPD Officer/Member in Distress Fund to provide direct financial support to LMPD officers and staff members who suffer extraordinary professional or personal tragedies.  Read more, including the story in The Courier-Journal, here.
  • We have launched a multi-media public awareness campaign entitled, “Could you do it?”  The campaign’s goal is to increase public support for the men and women of LMPD who work every day to keep our families, businesses and community safe. Read more, including the story in The Courier-Journal, here
  • We formed a nationally unique partnership with LMPD and the United States Secret Service - "Operation Prevent Business Theft" - to give Louisville businesses the best and most current information available about theft prevention, financial crimes and other criminal activity targeting businesses. One result of the partnership was the apprehension and prosecution of a major counterfeiting operation that targeted several dozen Louisville businesses.
  • We partnered with LMPD and Jefferson County Public Schools to create the 574-LMPD anonymous tip line, which has quickly become one of the most successful of such programs in the country.
  • Responding to an alarmingly high divorce rate among LMPD officers, we offer marriage enrichment seminars that give relationship advice and information in an open and comforting environment to officers and their spouses or partners.
  • We host and underwrite the annual Louisville Metro Police Department Awards Banquet, which honors LMPD officers and staff for exceptional and heroic service to our community.
  • We are the primary underwriter of the LMPD Explorer Academy, a statewide program that partners with the Boy Scouts of America to develop young men and women for careers in law enforcement.
  • We helped LMPD start a leadership development program to connect its commanding officers with mentors who are Louisville-area leaders.
  • We underwrote the cost of annual training for LMPD D.A.R.E. officers that improved their ability to teach elementary and high school students about the importance of abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

The Police Foundation is developing a new set of spending and programming initiatives to maximize the impact of the private donations we receive on LMPD’s overall effectiveness and on the capabilities of the approximately 1,250 LMPD officers.

These new Safer Louisville initiatives will be announced this fall and will focus on four priority areas.

Crime Fighting – Projects that directly enhance LMPD’s capabilities to apprehend criminals and prevent crime.

Excellence in Policing – Projects that improve LMPD’s readiness, training, operating standards and procedures and business practices.

Health and Well-Being of LMPD Officers – Initiatives that support LMPD officers professionally and personally.

Community Partnerships – Projects that improve LMPD’s collaborations with citizens and various constituencies to improve public safety and Louisvillians’ quality of life.
For more information on our Safer Louisville initiatives, please provide your e-mail address below.