January 10, 2011 -- The Louisville Metro Police Foundation announced today that it has established the “LMPD Officer/Member in Distress Fund” to provide critical financial support directly to Louisville Metro Police Department officers and staff members who suffer extraordinary tragedies in the line of duty or outside the line of duty.

“This is another key Police Foundation initiative in 2011,” said G.J. Hart, President and CEO of Texas Roadhouse, Inc., and chairman of the Police Foundation’s board of directors. “We want the officers and staff of LMPD to know that if they suffer an extraordinary professional or personal tragedy, the Police Foundation will be there to support them and their families with a grant from this new fund.”

The Police Foundation has asked LMPD to make recommendations for Distress Fund gifts, taking into consideration all other benefits available to officers, staff members and their families under the specific circumstances involved. The Police Foundation board of directors has allocated an initial $25,000 for the Distress Fund in 2011.

“Together with our new ‘Could you do it?’ public awareness campaign, we hope the establishment of this fund will send a simple, crystal clear message to the men and women of LMPD -- we care about you and we’re behind you,” Hart added.

For more information about the Louisville Metro Police Foundation, its LMPD Officer/Member in Distress Fund or its “Could you do it?” public awareness campaign, contact the Police Foundation

Read about the LMPD Officer/Member in Distress Fund in The Courier-Journal.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the Louisville Metro Police Foundation, please send your request to info@saferlouisville.com